VCV Rack 2 request to the developer

I find the scroll wheel alt/cmd zoom technique to be worse than an alternative zoom I have an idea for. Could the developer possibly add a ratio based zoom with something like shift+arrow up to allow “x” tiers of zooming rather than the “free wheel” zoom VCV uses? In miRack I also mind the zooming method. You have to zoom via menu only. Oh and additionally an “x” ratio for the arrow key scrolling would be used and useful for me. Until then I will avoid VCV mostly. A multi grid would suffice.

For Rack requests, email or use the Support link on the Rack website.



I think people should chime in if they want my feature idea and also contact support to confirm the desire for it. I really can’t enjoy VCV without a multi size resizable grid for arrow panning and also a ratio of ranges of zoom.

Hi @quantextkbd!

(1) Are you using Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- (Command+- and Command+- on Mac?) I think that may be your “tiers of zooming” request.

(2) Have you tried holding down Ctrl, Shift, and Ctrl+Shift while scrolling with the arrow keys? There are already four different stride lengths, if that’s what you mean by “ratio”.

If these aren’t what you want, I agree with @pachde that for a feature request contacting VCV is your best bet, but behaviours can also be changed via module (or recompile, but that’s more elaborate). (And by the way, if these aren’t what you want, I’d be interested in hearing more about your proposal–maybe consider changing the title of the thread in that case?)


Superb. Now I just have to decide with over 300 modules available what to PATCH and somehow work with my ADHD reading issues I always had. By ratio I meant for instance the equivalent of different grid sizes. I’m going to comment to support again and request a grid mode unless there is one already available! Thanks.

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Hilarious that Rack might be inaccessible for some people

Nobody knows.

Have fun! Conventional wisdom is to start with a small set of modules (maybe even just Core + Fundamental), work with those for a week, then add another set, stay with that for a week, etc.

By grid mode do you mean a snap-to setting for modules that’s greater than 1 (like every N HP)? I’m interested in what you mean by this but am not following the request.

How do you mean?

Is that a typo? or just your favourite 300 from the full list of nearly 3000?

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Hey, hello there and friendly greetings!

While I think I can understand your frustration (some good softwares I use myself got “that one” feature that grate my nerves), I need to ask you if that decision is a little bit too harsh.

Good softwares are good even with “that one” feature and maybe, just maybe, it worth to just adapt to “that one” rather than give up entirely.

IMAO, of course.

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I couldn’t determine how to quote multiple threads so I’ll share what I mean by the grid request. I was taking a nap. The grid I want is like a visible grid in my theory of thinks that you can size by N HP factors or invisible one better yet. The CMD + - works sufficiently for me but there’s something about Voltage Modular I like more than VCV so far.

As for 300 from a list of nearly 3000 yes that’s what I mean because I thoroughly scanned through all the Library one’s. It’s a confusion to get free one’s, ok?

It’s not about THAT ONE feature for this VCV Rack genius thing. Mostly the spheres of influence have me ignoring so many freebies in theory. I bought tons of Cherry Audio stuff and have been very happy with it because it’s in my budget because analog gear is more expensive and it’s the next best thing but with full recall and a GUI.

I was being sarcastic, didn’t think LOL was an appropriate response to someone expressing that the software is inaccessible to them.

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I’m afraid I’m still not getting the request–I might need to see an example. Is it a feature that VM has? Agree that interfaces are very important.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for being kind :slight_smile:

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I just don’t like the FPS style VCV Rack similarity and VM has the classic morph knobs and randomization features that VCV doesn’t have. VCV reminds me of inline skating or something. I also like the analog sound of VM and Cherry stuff more than VCV comparatively. As you may know instruments are made by Cherry Audio in addition to the modular.

VM has a 2600 and SEM V emulation you can integrate into it that are very good and also a weaker Moog Modular and a poorly designed SYNTHi. Analog emulations are like the difference between regular toast and gourmet lightly toasted crisp buttery toast I’m certain people feel. No analog unless I get stuck with that GAS. Gear acquisition syndrome as they call it.

Got it! Regarding randomization, just so you know, VCV has that too–Ctrl-R when a module is selected or select it from the right-click menu. There’s no direct equivalent to the built-in “Perform” panel (is that what you mean by morph knobs?) but you can do that in modules (a common theme in Rack)–check out VCV Library - MindMeld PatchMaster for example.

I have (and use) the Cherry Audio standalone synths, some of which I think are excellent, and I have VM and some selected modules–there are a few that I like a lot but mostly I reach for VCV. I don’t think either program really has (or can have) a “house sound” because the DSP is provided by modules that are using different techniques; the engines are just there to move simulated voltages back and forth between the modules. (For a recent example, check out VCV Library - Cytomic CF100 VCF and VCV Library - Synthesis Technology E440 Discrete OTA VCF , two incredible analog circuit models of very similar filters).

But you should absolutely use whatever you like to make music! And interfaces in particular are very personal.


Wow really? I thought the VM stuff sounded pretty bland. Granted I only used free modules, but it was really hard to get a “phat” sound out of it. Very few happy accidents and overall patching in it didn’t feel very creative.

I’m a big fan of the Nord Modulars and personally feel that we’re just going too off topic to discuss the best of modulars in this thread. I’m going to start a new thread to see what people think if anyone wants to discuss.