VCV Rack 2 Pro menu is empty on Mac???

Expected at least the basic entries:

About VCV Rack 2 Pro

Hide VCV Rack 2 Pro Hide Others Show All

Quit VCV Rack 2 Pro

Missing Hide and Quit very badly!

It seems that VCV Rack 2 Pro is not to hide at all?

sorry , but, what do you mean with “hide”? it is a kind of mac feature?

are you talking about the the “file” “view” “help” menu or right click over a module

Here is what V1 offers:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-02 um 10.32.05

And this V2:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-02 um 10.30.41

Any more questions? Feel free to ask.

Why the passive aggressive attitude?

Why do you answer a thread if you did not understand the basics from a Mac?

I just wanted to help!

there is a rule about it?

Also, I did not give answers, I asked questions

a passive aggressive attitude is not going to help you get help