VCV Rack 2 Pro cannot open files in the "VCV Rack Patch" format

Hi there,

I’m new to VCV rack and I’m trying to open some patches I’ve downloaded from patchstorage. I getting a notification every time I try to open V1 patches.

I thought V2 was compatible with V1 patches. Screengrab for reference.

Are you trying to double-click them to open? You get this error when hitting File->Open in Rack2? Rack1 patches load fine if you have all the plugins in v2 (not all are ported (yet))

Same thing happens to me, but only if I double click to open from Finder. I can open old patches in Rack 2 from within VCV > File > Open

When I try that, Rack 2 complains about not finding the updated versions of various modules. It does show whatever modules have been ported.

FYI, I was just having the same problem. I tried going in from VCV>File and it seemed to have done the trick. Thank you!!! I have a newer mac, so it’s probably just some Mac weirdness.