VCV Rack 2 Pro AU VST3 x68 + Apple arm Installers ?


Can I Please ask for users who have the VCV Rack 2 Pro if the installer as two separate files one for x68 and one for Apple arm ? or is it Universal file and if I will run Live 12 in Rosetta mode only then I will have access to the x68 version of VCV Rack 2 Pro !!

I’m asking because I going to buy VCV Rack 2 Pro and want to install x68 version of the plugin in Ableton Live 12 arm!! and I don’t want to install Apple arm version because I need same very important modules that don’t have Apple arm support.

That basically rises the questions if this is possible, now I’m with VCV Rack 2 Free and run the x68 version on my Mac M2 Ultra for those non arm modules…

Thanks :slight_smile:

They are two separate files and you can install and run both of them on an arm mac.

Hi Thank you for the reply…

Just to make sure VCV Rack 2 Pro as AU or VST3 Plugin as two separate files ? not the VCV Rack 2 Free stand alone, for the stated alone I know there are two installers one for x68 and one for arm.

Looking forward to your replay.


Rack is not Universal, just two separate versions. Applies to pro/free/vst equally.

Ok That is great thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Now I can confirm VCV Rack 2 Pro AU x68 plugin in Ableton Live 12 arm load VCV Rack non arm modules :slight_smile:

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