VCV Rack 2 Pro and Logic Pro X ?


Haven’t used Audiogridder before but know about it. I think I am gonna try it too.

What did you install?

I am on M1 Macbook, OSX 11.6.5 and Logic 10.7.1.

I’m using the betas

Both server and plugin?

Since I am not using it for hosting plugs on another computer, is it necessary to install the server thing?

Yes, both are required. The server can run in local mode on your computer.

Check out the tutorials, they’ll get you up and running

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I installed them both, first tried version 1.1.1 and scanned my plugins. But VCV is blacklisted by Audiogridder. Doesn’t work.

Might be because I am using a M1 Macbook and I installed the M1 version of Audiogridder and VCV is not M1 natively compatible.

@trevormeier I saw your comment with 1.2 beta would give the option to open in Rosetta mode. I tried installing the Audiogridder 1.2 version but I don’t see the Rosetta mode option in Get Info. So no luck with that either.

Argh. This is so frustrating, I just want to use VCV in Logic :sweat:

Oh at least VCV works via Patchwork when I load Logic in Rosetta mode. But it just frustrating to have to jump through hoops to get this to work.

Yes, I’m also frustrated. It’s important to make your voice heard by messaging VCV support that you’d like an AU version: VCV - Support. @Vortico has stated that support emails are the only channel they use to measure how much demand there is for an AU plugin.

I believe Audiogridder has Intel-only installers for the server. I’m pretty sure that’s how I made it work… M1 plugin installer, Intel server installer.

I sent a support request to add AU. I think he will do it eventually. He listened to my request and fixed the qwerty issue when editing parameters within the plugin in a daw that caused audio to go silent. He did fix that, so its not as if he doesnt listen, its really just a matter of when, not if

DDMF just released MetaPlugin v4 which includes an Apple Silicon to Intel bridge. I’ll test it out with VCV2 and see how it goes


They also released a cheaper alternative, Superplugin.

I’t build on same idea as MetaPlugin, but with a more fixed setup.

Just tried a quick test with Superplugin. It sort-of works, i.e. I can open an existing patch and hear its output through Mainstage. But there are definitely some glitches:

  • seems to block keystrokes and some mouse commands (esp. to manipulate patch cables)
  • it doesn’t seem to handle multiple monitors well

I’ve not done any extensive testing, but works for me so far with latest (trial) version of blue cat patchwork. There are 3 versions of the AU-plugin visible after installation and only one of them worked when loading vcv rack. You need to deselect lock cursor while draggning to use the mouse turning knobs… Patching, saving presets, presets re-appearing when opening up worked for me

Yes that works here too running Logic as M1 native app. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

But yeah, it seems like it is only the Patchworks SYNTH plugin that works, I can only use VCV as an instrument. If I try to load VCV as an effect, I get this error, no matter if I use VCV Rack 2 FX or VCV Rack 2. As an effect none of them works, but as instrument VCV Rack 2 works: Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 22.05.13

What MAC are you on?? Whic kind of HW?? Which kind of Os???

Please always share your Mac specs, as it makes a ton of difference… M1 macs Logic and Garageband are M1 Native… There should be Rosetta Bridge working in the background but I’m no Guru. I just jumped on the M1 Mini bandwagon also…

The info is there a few posts up :wink:

Not sure what you are saying?

Just emailed vcv support. Really need an AU plugin because I’m mostly depending on Logic for mixing/editing. Ableton is doable but not ideal for me.


Reply from vcv support:

“Thanks for purchasing VCV Rack 2 Pro! We’d like to add an Audio Unit version of Rack 2 Pro in the future, but we don’t currently have a time estimate of this feature.”

I really need this AU version. Let’s hope it’ll come soon…

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I just tried the open source software Element and successfully set up VCV in Logic. I had a couple of crashes of the whole thing on my first tests, seems like Element needs to index some things before running fine, but now it’s working :

I haven’t tried in depth yet, but it seems you can route 16 audio channels and the midi channels in and out to/from VCV and Logic trough Element ! Nice


Nice! If you could update us after a bit more testing, that would be great. Especially regarding MIDI Sync stability and latency.

I did a few more experiments, I still had some full Logic crashes when opening/closing plugin windows in Logic, Element and VCV… I will try to get in touch with the Element developers to find out what is going on. But mostly it is stable.

I’m planning to use an Arturia KeyStep Pro, and I want to route the KeyStep channels to multiple instances of VCV Rack or other instruments. Here I created :

  • One Element track that contains 2 VCV Rack instances
  • 2 external midi tracks with the External Instrument Plugin + 2 buses in the IAC Driver (within the MacOS Audio/Midi setup) → one on Midi Channel 1, the other on Midi Channel 2
  • In the Logic Midi Environment, I routed the IAC buses to the Element track
  • In VCV Rack instances I selected the Midi channels 1 or 2

I didn’t find yet is how to get the Element’s multiple audio outputs back into different audio tracks in Logic for recording the VCV Racks instances separately.

I’m not sure this process will be handy but it’s a solution for now, I get VCV Racks as multiple software instruments through Logic which is what I wanted !

As for Midi sync and latency, until now it’s working fine.


For those coming to this post from Google like I did, it appears that AU is now supported which implies that Logic is also supported. I have not tested this myself.