Vcv Rack 2 Plugin --> Ableton --> Expert Sleepers es9

Any updates since VCV Rack 2 was released using Expert Sleepers ES-9? I am particularly interested in using VCV rack plugin in Ableton while ES-9 is the audio interface receiving MIDI/CV from VCV. I understand in the past users have successfully implemented VCV/DAW/ES-9 using aggregate audio drivers, just curious if the new VCV Rack 2 plugin made this anymore seamless. I can successfully implement VCV Rack in standalone and Silent Ways in Ableton with the ES-9 but when I attempt to integrate VCV plugin/Ableton/ES-9, the Expert Sleepers VCV Rack plugins are sending the signals to the correct modules (ES5 and CV expansion modules in my case) but the output signals are much higher and pseudo random starting from the outputs of the Expert Sleepers VCV plugins.

If I understand you correctly you‘re using VCV as a plug-in in Ableton and Silent Way as a plugin in VCV.
If that‘s the case I think you should instead use the Silent Way plug-in directly in Ableton and route the different outputs of VCV to the channels in the plug-in.
Another important thing is that the fader of the output to the ES9 are at 0db.

It has been a while since I did this, so my memory may not be the best on how this worked, but I used User bhenry1790 on and the included CV tools to go from VCV in Ableton to the ES-8 and several ESx-8CV/GT modules. Routing escapes me, but it is best to go audio out of the plugin in to Ableton, then through the devices linked above to the hardware. Seconding the 0db output on the channels, that really messed with me since I had my template in Ableton to default to -6db. I had nothing but headaches trying to get the silent way plugins to work properly, mostly due to being impatient.

Solved my problem. I was running VCV and Silent Ways simultaneously to the same outputs of the ES9/ES5. As soon as I disabled either one or the other it worked as expected. You can still use Silent Ways and VCV rack in the same Ableton project as long as there on separate channels.

Good to know