VCV RACK 2 modules

can i learn from this youtube video how to make modules for vcv rack 2 ? or thats only for vcv rack 1 ?

It depends on your coding skills. The video seems to be made before Rack V2, so you have to apply all the changes for V2, see the Plugin API Guide VCV Rack Manual - Plugin API Guide


In general it’s “easy” to develop a VCV plugin. If you don’t know how to program in any languages and/or you have never dealt with building / makefiles / pointing to local paths then you will need to learn enough of that stuff to get “hello world” built.

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If you don’t want to use the Rack tutorial to learn it, then another possibility is to use my GenericBlank as a starting point:

GenericBlank: Template for a VCV Rack Blank module (

This is a working Blank module with no inputs, outputs, or signal processing – just a blank plate. About as much of a “hello world” as you can get.

Make a copy, make sure you can build it, follow the instructions on “Making it yours”, and then you’re up and running.

If you want a start on ports, widgets, and DSP, then use the Rack tutorial. The downside is that it leads you down a route of using, and wrestling with your panel SVG that isn’t sustainable, so it can be a bit confusing when you need to take the next steps. Using and the components layer thing is really just for initially bootstrapping a module.

Copying an existing module can be a better route for doing that, once you know how things work. Of course, Generic blank is a decent blank slate from which to start.