VCV Rack 2 low FPS refresh, graphic issues, instrument loading as FX.

Seems like the VST needs more work.

I would say both.

I have a 3090 / 5900X machine and a M28U monitor at 1440p 120Hz (for desktop stuff)

With the same ensemble I’m getting near 40fps in standalone and 16fps in VST mode in FL Studio.

It seems to me Rack2 desperately needs HW acceleration for the UI. (Isn’t that the case already?)

Maybe also thumbnail caching? Or some sort of caching so things don’t need to fully refresh in the library each time you open VCV?

As usual (on version 1 and 2) the UI refreshes quite slowly when you zoom in and out. V1 used to do incomplete refreshes where part of the UI is still misaligned, hope this is solved in V2.

In standalone I couldn’t make my library to refresh thumbnails.

In VST mode I could but it was slow as usually is with VCV.

BTW: The VCV Rack 2.dll (instrument) is loading as an FX in FL Studio. (loads in the mixer instead of the instruments rack) some “Instrument” flag needs to be on in the build I think.

Reaper finds both “VCV Rack 2 FX” and “VCV Rack 2”.

I agree on the graphic discourse, even if the situation is not tragic.

Standalone I can get a high fps. Inside, it is capped. I see FL Studio has workarounds for display FPS for mac, but nothing for Windows.



I see both Rack VSTs in both the Generators and Effects headings, along with effects like Valhalla Supermassive and instruments like VK-1


Yes but when I drag VCV Rack 2 (no FX) into the instruments rack it loaded in the mixer, which is a sign that the plugin internally needs a flag to tell “I’m a generator”

  • This video shows the FX vs instrument issue.
  • Also I showed a resize issue on close/open. Its size gets reset each time you close its UI.
  • The video doesn’t show it but the FPS when I move the modules is super slow compared to the FPS in FL studio. (20fps vs 120FPS)

Ah, OK.

Bug report/requests go to

Sent :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t do that for me.

Rack and Rack FX do both appear in the Generator and Effect categories in the FLS browser, but when I drag Generator / Rack to the instruments rack, it loads as an instrument (it won’t allow the FX version to do this, as expected). Are you sure you did this right? And is your Rack installation up to date?

On the visuals side, Rack VST in FLS is capped at 20fps for me (100Hz desktop, and 100Hz FLS itself). Not the same in other hosts. I don’t get those issues with module browser thumbnails not loading.

Oh…Doh! my bad, I loaded it from the Effects folder instead of the Generators folder. If I load from the Gen folder it loads correctly.


I remembered such a thing but I haven’t used FL for several years and I didn’t mean nonsense. it happened to me too with several vst

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Try enabling “fast idle” in the wrapper menu, it increase my fps from 10 to 65.


Hm, maybe I don’t understand you fully. But I have a 3080/5600x-system and I am getting 100 FPS (on a 100Hz 21:9 display) in both standalone and the VST loaded in ableton. And zooming and loading module skins is a lot faster than in your video. Are you sure all your drivers are up to date and no second graphics option installed?