VCV Rack 2 in earlier versions of Cubase?

I’m wondering if anyone’s tried VCV Rack 2 in an earlier version of Cubase than the advertised version (v11). I’m assuming that it’s only been officially confirmed to work with v11 rather than confirmed that it doesn’t work with any earlier versions.

I’m on Cubase 9.5 and can’t really afford to upgrade Cubase as well. Anyone tried it?

9.5 should be fine, as it loads 64 bit vsts.

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Just wondering if VCV might work with a slightly earlier versions of Abelton 9.5. It comes up as a VST but when loaded to track I can see the small input levels but life on the track itself even when armed.

thanks for your comment , the VCV rack 2 VST is found and loaded on a midi track in AB 9.5 but it can’t be a straight plug and play as I can see the midi triggering but I can’t get it any sound - - it says AB 10 upwards so it may not be working for 9.5- what a shame.

yep, Cubase 9.5 and Ableton 10, because it is 64 bit.

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So, does the vst work in Ableton 9 or not?

Hi , another user said that loading the VCVrack 2 VST FX file enabled sound to come though to the track and that has worked which is promising but I can’t say whether is works 100% The notes say 10 or higher so the may be some issues. I haven’t fiddled around enough to know whether it will work seamlessly with 9.5 or not yet.

I could work in Ableton 9, when you use the 64bit version of Live,
but it loads only 64bit vsts,
so all the vsts you want to use must be in 64bit format or you need a wrapper like jbridge to load 32bit vsts.
But VCV will only load 64bit vsts.

Yes, I use 64bit version and use 64bit plugins but I’m interested whether VCV works fluently in Ableton 9.7. Can I route midi and audio in and out of VCV plugin. I could do that with earlier version (1.1.6) of VCV using Bridge, but now they’ve removed the Bridge from Rack 2.

The Bridge VST2/AU plugin was removed in Rack 1.0 (although it can be found in earlier Rack packages), and the Bridge audio/MIDI driver will be removed in Rack 2.0.

Ok, I must have found Bridge from an older package.

Anyways I could pay for the Rack2 Pro if I could be certain that the vst plugin works with Ableton 9. Unless there is a way to use VCV (route midi and audio) with a DAW otherwise.

You can route between Rack and a DAW using JACK audio, of course. But Ableton doesn’t support this.

There are other Rack-based plugins that can work on 32bit, but those are not supported here.

And, when I first installed Rack2 it refused to start due to Jack, and started only after removing Jack driver.

Ok, installed a newer version of Jack and got audio through (VCV → Ableton). No midi yet, though. Tried with LoopBe1. Ok. Installed a newer version of LoopBe1 and got the midi routed (VCV → Ableton).