VCV Rack 2 (Free) Doesn't See my Steinberg UR-RT4 using ASIO

I’ve long been a user of Cherry Audio’s “Voltage Modular” virtual modular synthesizer. I’ve finally got around to evaluating VCV Rack 2 beginning with the free version. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a brick wall in the very simplest first step: when I set the audio module to use ASIO, which is my preference for a number of reasons, it doesn’t show my Steinberg UR-RT4 drivers. I’m using Windows 10 Pro x64 and don’t have this problem with any other music software I use.

For what it’s worth, I’m happy to pony up the cash and buy the full version–this would be most useful to me as a VST anyway–if I know it will work using ASIO. Can anyone advise me how to fix this issue with the free version? Or failing that, can anyone assure me that the full version will work instead with my Steinberg audio interface using ASIO? Thanks in advance.

Pro and Free use the same audio library AFAIK, rtaudio.

However, not being able to see your Steinberg interface sounds like a fixable bug. Get in touch with VCV support.

Maybe your interface shows up with international characters ? (like é or ø ?) That was a problem earlier, I had the impression it was fixed with the recent releases - maybe not.

If that is the case, You could try renaming the interface:


Edit: OK, that only changes the WASAPI and Directsound names. To change the ASIO names use regedit

I changed the “Description” Value data to “UMC” - et voilà

You can rename your interfaces to short names that can fit in the display of the VCV Audio modules. (and/or work around bugs)

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also, the log.txt file in the rack documents folder. check it !

I’ve had no problems at all with my UR22C in windows 10 and 11.

Aha! Looking through the log suggested something was still using my interface. I had been working on some synth presets with a variety of tools, so I think something didn’t shut down cleanly. Complete shutdown and cold restart fixed it. Thanks!

For the record. I think it’s a little weird that when the interface is already in use it simply doesn’t show up at all. Most audio software will show it to me, let me pick it, and give me an error when I try to open it instead.

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