VCV Rack 2 as a VST in Cubase

Hello, when opening VCV as a VST in Cubase, are its MIDI Outputs also available in Cubase as MIDI Inputs to another VSTi? Like some of the VSTis have, they can actually Output their internal MIDI Data to Cubase, such as Reaktor, Nora, Blue Arp and others.



The only way I’ve found to send MIDI from VCV Rack to other instruments, or any other Cubase parameters, is to set up a virtual MIDI port and an additional MIDI track and then set up a Generic Remote to send the MIDI out from VCV to wherever I want it to go in Cubase.

It works well, and really opens up Cubase as part of the modular environment. I’d be interested to hear if I’m over complicating things, though, and if there’s a more direct method.

Thanks Ian, i knew of that Method and use it with some VSTs but i was hoping that VCV can send MIDI out to Cubase by it self natively like some VST Synths do such as Nora, Scaler, BlueARP and many others.


i don’t know which version Cubase you are using.

But maybe this approach might work for you too?


Thanks for these. These methods work well - not just with the CV-MIDI module, but also for sending CC data to VST instruments via the CV-MIDI CC module. So as long as the instruments have MIDI CC functionality, they can be controlled directly with VCV Rack.

For instruments without MIDI CC and for controlling other paramaters in Cubase, it seems that the virtual midi port and Generic Remote are still the way to go. The problem here is that Generic Remote set ups are global, and not saved per-project. I suppose Quick Controls are also a possibility, but I always find those a bit cumbersome.

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