VCV Rack 2.0 with Ableton maxing out CPU

Just installed and opened VCV Rack 2 as a VST within Ableton 11 Suite. both programs were also updated just before this. No other programs running in the background, and plugged into a power supply. After using just 3 modules (vcv only) to create some sort of functional patch, my CPU was immediately maxed out and produced nothing but glitching static noise. This seems like something is wrong here. Even large plugins like Diva and Pigment 2 etc don’t phase my system. I thought this was an issue finally being resolved in the “pro” version commercial release.

Any other experience with VCV 2.0 maxing the CPU?


You should include more info on your setup.

Depends on your Cpu, amt of cores and speed? Diva has kind of internal paralleling inside it but generally ableton parallels 1 track to 1 core