VCV Rack 1.1.2 crashes on MacOs 10.11.6 El capitan

Hi. I have a MacBook Pro mid 2010 and 10.11.6 El Capitan. Rack 1.1.2 Crashes and don’t connect to server for updates… Please help!

Hi dloyzaga, the proper place to post issues and report bugs is the GitHub of the repo in question, where developers will see them. In your case it is the VCVRack issue tracker.

There is a similar issue posted there already, you should add a comment to that issue and upload your log.txt file to pastebin and add the link to the comment.

Here is the issue:

The crash you are experiencing sounds like a separate issue so should probably be posted as a separate issue, with enough details to explain what is going on and when the crash occurs and the attached pastebin log.txt