VCV Rack 1.0 Feature Requests

Not sure if a thread already exists, couldn’t find one so here we go.
A running list of feature requests for rack 1.0:

Ability to label modules. Would be great to Add the names on VCA’s for instance, Drums / Lead / Bass etc …


:slight_smile: Was just about to post it. The salient text being this: “Bug reports and feature requests for VCV Rack do not belong on this forum and will be locked”.

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requesting new features is therefore not a communal thing and doesn’t belong on the forum? This seems limiting…

There’s a specific place for that, read the post I linked previously.

@Soothsayer I think the point is that GitHub offers a central location and great tools for keeping track of bugs and requests, rather than having such things spread all over the place. You can add your feature requests there and comment on existing ones.

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Locking thread. See About the VCV Rack category