VCV quantisers to my eurorack modular

I’m outputting VCV quantisers to my Eurorack system and is not getting precise tuned notes. Each VCV quantiser is going from Ableton/ES8 outputs to tuned Eurorack VCO’s (They track perfectly). I’m using the VCV Output 16 module to output CV signals to ES8. I’ve tried using various VCV quantizers, and when using it with VCV vco’s everything works well. Any hints ?

Hey! Have you tried calibrating the voltage inside VCV with Expert Sleepers’ Voltage Controller or Calibration modules? They will both get the job done, but Voltage Controller is paid and does everything for you, while Calibration is free but needs to be manually set up. There’s also a thread here in the community with a detailed guide about sending pitched information from VCV to hardware, I’ll make sure to link it here!

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There you go:

There’s also Tunathor by Nysthi that performs that same function as well!

There is a very informative video about this by Omri Cohen. Around 10:10 it is specifically on calibrating ES modules ES-9 and/or ES-8

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Awesome - thank you so much guys :slightly_smiling_face: