VCV Pulse Matrix 8 / 16: Reset issue

Did anyone have an issue with Pulse matix reset? This starts do resetting from 8 (Pulse matrix 8) and 16 (pulse matrix 16) step but doesn’t work from the first step. I found a solution to make reset from 1 input which is at upper row but it doesn’t solve this problem in backward and random stepping mode.

This is a known problem, think this need a rewrite of the modules. Keeps me off buying that modules till today

think there was a discussion how to realize that on FB or GH in the past

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Ok I think we need calling for Andrew Belt @Vortico

To make sure I understand, is the solution to make Pulse Matrix compliant to this new standard?

modules with a CLOCK and RESET input, or similar variants, should ignore CLOCK triggers up to 1ms after receiving a RESET trigger

If I understand it correctly the global situation is come to the fact that many of VCV users are sending RESET and CLOCK pulses simultaneously when they want to run their transport from start because it’s just handy to send both pulses at the same time. Most of the available sequencers are taking RESET signal as a command to reset their phase to zero and then increase it with every next CLOCK pulse. On the other hand Pulse Matrix does it slightly different: when receiving RESET it does not jump to the “zero” phase, but it jump to the “pre zero” phase. I understand that it sounds pretty logical to not jump to the “phase zero” on reset to not output unwanted pulse located at step #1 in pulse matrix, but guys are talking about a feature to allow Pulse Matrix actually advance its state to the “phase zero” or step #1 to be able to be in sync with all other sequencers easily.

I don’t want to seem annoying, but if further explanation is needed, let’s imagine that we are trying to follow the ideology of Pulse Matrix:

  1. We are stopping our clock
  2. We are sending the RESET to Pulse Matrix and SEQ-3 (for example)
  3. Pulse Matrix goes to the “pre phase” state, SEQ-3 goes to the “phase zero” state.
  4. Now we are waiting some time to allow Pulse Matrix 1ms timer to cool down
  5. Now we are starting (or unmuting) our clock and Pulse Matrix jumps to the step #1, OK, that was absolutely correct but… SEQ-3 jumps to the step #2 already! And this is not what we want.

I think that PulseMatrix would benefit from having the clock-ignore-1ms-after-reset (as would SEQ-3), but since PM uses a step 0, some other changes may be needed.

The approach I used in my gate sequencer was to implement that standard, and I find that it helps a lot. Also, since I choose to reset to step 1 (as opposed to a pre-step 0), or the last step when in reverse, etc., if we hit reset while the clock is high, a trigger will not be produced and we won’t hear the first beat. Thus I implement another thing called Gate retriggering on reset.

To avoid overloading the discussion here, for those interested I have documented my approach here:

and I also show some code exerpts of the structure of my sequencers here:

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Yes, Pulse matrix only works well with an option in Clocked - Reset when Run is turned off. And also only with using Run button, I don’t allow to use only a reset - it will work wrong. So it maybe could work but I need another instances (with an option “Outputs reset high when no running” which is also pass the first gate signal) of Clocked for running another sequencers.

I find the Pulse Matrix to be almost useless for me. The clock pulses start 1 step before the pulse matrix step lights. That is, the actual clock pulse occurs 1 pulse before the corresponding light comes on. The PM is sequencing an Impromptu Foundry.

There needs to be a trigger sequencer where the pulses and reset and position lights all work together.

Or, if anyone knows of an actual, real, “hack” solution to this problem, I would love to hear what it is.

Many thanks!!


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