Vcv powered drum rack in ableton

Hi there !

I’d like to create my drum racks powered by vcv in ableton live. Here are the two unperfect solutions I found :

  1. Using a midi > gate module to trigger things in vcv but in this case, vcv is used as a simple ableton device and I don’t have the convenience of the drum rack to be triggered using push.
  2. Use a drum rack and set one instance of the vcv plugin in every hit but it is a lot of instances and I lose the advantage of interdependent modules in a single instance of vcv.

Does anyone know if it is possible to run a single instance of vcv and trigger it from a drum rack?

Cheers !

I don’t have ableton, but can you use midi-gate module to turn notes into unique triggers for vcv? Doesnt the drum rack play midi notes per each slot?

I’d imagine this should work, and it would require only one instance.

so, I just dropped a drum rack with any kit on track 1 in ableton - you can turn the volume down if you don’t need the drums, or you can make a custom one with silent samples and some drum names that make sense to you, but you only need the note on values - the grid will play with it nicely etc. And then we want to send the same midi notes to VCV + additional automation you can think of later.

add VCV on track 2. “Midi From” routes midi from track 1.

Does that solve it ?

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If you prefer, you can send all drums to one VCV, by inserting an empty drum rack - and then dragging a VCV device into the expanded Drum group. AFTER YOU ENABLE SHOW CHAIN LIST!

Change receive to “All notes”.

You can add VCV to an empty drum grid - or a grid with some drums in it allready - all drums that have a matching “reveive” will sound - unless muted some way.


Ohh yess ! this is the kind of routing trick I was looking for! I knew it was possible using these functionalities but I didn’t get the idea.

Thanks !

Yes it’s also a good solution :slight_smile:

They gotchas are “SHOW/hide chain list” and “SHOW/hide Input/Outputs”

Yes, now it’s looking super clean !

Also, just a note: C1 in ableton is C2 in VCV


Haha yes I just noticed, I’m currently shifting everything to get a nice mapping and make a template out of it

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