VCV MIDI: data out to DAW - (Resolved)

Hi everyone, tried finding an answer to this and didn’t. Very likely that I’m misunderstanding something easy, so sorry if this is redundant.

Is there a way to send real time MIDI from VCV to a DAW in v1.1.0? Would love to use Marbles as a sequencer for non-VCV soft-synths.

Have looked at CV-MIDI, and it seems like sending the signal to a piece of hardware is trivial. And I’ve seen people mention 3rd party applications that route MIDI a la Soundflower. But there’s got to be an easy way to do it with just CV-MIDI, right?

Figured it out! For those on Macs, all you have to do is create a virtual MIDI port.

  1. From Launchpad, open “Other” (used to be “Utilities”)
  2. Open “Audio MIDI setup”
  3. At the top of the screen, click on the “Window” menu
  4. Click “Show MIDI Studio”
  5. Open “IAC Driver”
  6. Check the “Device is Online” box
  7. Under “Ports,” you now have a virtual MIDI port called “Bus 1.” Rename it if you want.
  8. Click “Apply”


  1. Put “CV-MIDI” onto the grid
  2. Choose “Core MIDI” as your “MIDI Driver” (top menu on the module)
  3. Choose your virtual MIDI port as your “MIDI Device” (mine says “IAC Driver Bus 1”)
  4. Connect the relevant cables

In Reaper (probably the same on any DAW)

  1. Open “Preferences”
  2. Under the “Audio” menu heading, select “MIDI Devices.”
  3. Under “MIDI Inputs,” find your virtual port
  4. Double click it. In the window that pops up, select “Enable input from this device” and “Enable input for control messages”
  5. Close the popup, and click “Apply”
  6. Open a new track. Choose your virtual port for “Input: MIDI”, turn on “Monitor Input,” and enable recording.

And you should be good to go!


Absolute Gent - I finally got it to work using your advice and had VCV sequencing Audio Synth One on my Ipad and Synth1 from Reaper. Then my machine fell over! ;p)

you can also try a method described in this video

Yay! Thanks.

I got this to work between VCV Rack 2 and GarageBand. GB has all those wunnerful instruments and stuff, but Rack has the sequencers.

It was the “IAC Driver” business that I didn’t know about before.