VCV MIDI-CV: Trouble simulating 4-voice paraphony


I’m attempting to simulate 4-voice paraphony in VCV rack using the VCV MIDI-CV module in 4-voice mode (running the polyphonic signal through VCV Split and connecting each voice to a different oscillator to get the paraphonic effect) but it can only play all 4 voices at once rather than play up to 4 voices.

If I try to play a melody using only a single voice while the VCV MIDI-CV interface is in 4 voice mode, it will make no sound until I have played four notes and then play all of the four notes at the same time as I press the fourth note. For example, let’s say I was trying to play a melody with the notes C, E, G, and A on my computer keyboard (in that order.) With 4-voice polyphony enabled in the MIDI-CV module, C E and G will be silent as I press the notes, but once I press A the device will play C E G and A all at the same time. I have tried using the different polyphony modes available in the module, but to no avail.

Is this the same result I would get using a similar physical/analog modular synth setup, or is it specific to VCV MIDI-CV only? I’m using VCV rack to prototype a synth setup I’m looking into, so it would be great to know how true-to-life VCV is in this case before I spend a bunch of cash on an expensive MIDI interface :sweat_smile:

New to these forums, so if there’s anything I’m doing wrong or should do differently please let me know!


It sounds like you have one VCA placed after mixing the voices, using one of the polyphonic gate channels as its CV. You should have 4 VCAs, with a gate corresponding to the poly channel into each VCA.

Or, merge the monophonic voices into a poly signal again, apply a VCA to the poly signal using the poly gate signal, preferably enveloped.