VCV MIDI 2 CV - Modulation wheel


I can’t find the way to use the MW output. I don’t have any signal. I have to use instead « VCV MIDI CC 2 CV », and cc1.

surprisingly, the MIDI specification says they usually use cc1 for that, and my Arturia keystep send it’s MW on cc0.

Strange… Alain

which controller?

it seems to be the Arturia Keystep,
the modwheel is “just” a manual controll for a Midi CC,
normally it is the CC1,
so if the keystep sends the modwheel as CC0 you need a software (before VCV) that changes the input from CC0 to CC1 so that VCV can use it as modwheel.

That can usually be configured in the Arturia software

Thanks for your responses. But saying in a different way, my question is about the VCV MIDI CC 2 CV. What is it waiting to give a signal on its MW output?