VCV M1 ARM beta for developers doesn't show Intel plugins

Arm AU will not load, VST and VST3 will load

None of my modules will load, nothing.

It’s a beta for developers to build and test their modules against. It’s not meant for general use.

Almost no Rack plugins are ARM compatible yet.

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I suspect that this is going to be confusing for many, even developers. I do not have an ARM machine, so obviously I cannot test my plugin. I would think that this is really just to allow some testing with a variety of plugins, by someone.


I’ve got a Linux arm64. I think anything C++ should be compatible, but it might depend on if you let the compiler automate the SIMD (OK), used some other intrinsic or machine specific feature (Might Not Work).

i’m regularly building rack for myself on 32bit and 64bit arm linux with all free plugins and most of them just compile and work without major changes, some which need sse etc. instructions need some trivial changes to translate them via simde headers and only very few need more changes … rack and the plugins are coded surprisingly portable :slight_smile:

best wishes - hexdump

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You mean your existing modules for Intel mac won’t load in the ARM VCV? Of course they won’t. Maybe the title of this thread should not be “VCV M1 Arm beta does not work”? Because that seems misleading at best.

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I can tell you Meander builds for ARM with no changes, haven’t tested it specifically to see if it opens in Rack yet. Will do so when I next get a chance if you like.

Since you have already built Meander, it would be interesting to know if it opens. I’m unclear on what the process is for getting Mac ARM builds in the library.