VCV is crashing on Windows

Can anyone suggest what to do here. My VCV is crashing which am running on Windows 10. v1.16. I hope I have not encountered any corruption here. But one behavior I noticed when I add multiple Audio-8 in rack and if I want to delete one of module it just hangs and VCV has to be closed via task manager. Right now when I am trying to open a saved project the VCV hangs and goes to unresponsive state. May be I should try to switch to Linux hahahaha.

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Rack doesn’t yet support multiple audio 8 modules, that’s probably what caused the crash


Okay and how do I get out of current crash situation. Should I start with a new project and see if that hangs again?

Thanks for prompt response btw. :slight_smile:

Yes, try a new project to see if it keeps crashing or not, but with just one Audio 8 module it should be okay :wink:

You are welcome (i happened to be online hehe) :grin: Also, if someday you need more than 8 inputs ( and before we get rack v2) : If i remember @stoermelder has an Audio module with more inputs / outputs that can be used in place of the usual Fundamental audio module :slight_smile:


Sure, it just happened to be a experimental hazard here so I will stick with one Audio module :smile:

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Yup definitely it was module causing crash. Its back operational now.

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Rack has Audio-16 as well as Audio-8


I have the identical problem. A sad first day with what otherwise appears to be fine software, because I can find no way to fix this having reinstalled several times.

How does one purge VCV Rack completely? Fresh installs seem to remember the previous incarnation’s settings and rack modules.

Trying to delete any Audio 8 or audio 17 module hangs the program. Windows 10 1.1.6.