VCV Hosts Midi Channels

I’m sending output from a few modules into VCV Hosts where I have Falcon loaded. All is working great. I now want to specify certain midi channels into host so that I can use Falcon’s multi timbral capabilities. Is this possible? I can’t see any way to do that. Any help is appreciated!

I’m afraid…this is not possible.

Host-CV, Host-CC, Host-Gate?

No, they don’t work for what I need. I guess it’s not possible. That would be a great feature though. :slight_smile:

Host only has one input V/Oct - It can be polyphonic, but all midi messages sent to the VST are on channel 1.

Host-CV, Host-CC, and Host-Gate (MIDI output expanders)

If a VST plugin in a Host, Host-FX, or Host-XL module generates MIDI output (such as a sequencer or audio-to-pitch detector), you can place one of these expanders on its right to convert the VST plugin’s MIDI output to CV and gates in Rack.

These modules function identically to VCV MIDI-CV, MIDI-CC, and MIDI-Gate except instead of selecting a hardware MIDI input, it “steals” MIDI generated by the Host module touching its left side. If your VST plugin generates multiple channels of MIDI output, you can filter by MIDI channel by clicking an expander’s LED display. Host MIDI expanders can be daisy-chained, sending MIDI from their left to their right.

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But describe what you’re looking for in an email to

We might be fortunate enough to get it in a future update to VCV Host.

Until then, you have to add another host module with another instance of UVI falcon (or NI Kontakt)

Or send it all in one polyphonic V/oct - split the keyboard in Falcon and transpose. You could aim for 3 zones with 3 note polyphony.

MIDI is roughly 10 octaves, corresponding to somewhere in the -5 to 5 V V/Oct range.

You just have to pre-add a voltage (negative or positive) to the signals going to each zone before inputting to a merge module.

In Falcon you split the MIDI input in zones and transpose each zone back to normal before routing to a voice.

I haven’t tried it - but it should be possible ?

MIDI notes


Or four note polyphony in 3 zones



Same issue with Elektron plugins (Digitone, Analog four4,…). It’s really great to be able to modulate plugin parameters, to use VCV sequencers (Euclidian, probabilistic, etc…) with Elektron machines ! BUT… I’m stick on the first Track of each machine, as HOST doesn’t allow to choose the midi-channel. I’m trying to use “Multi Map Edit” on Elektron machine, it seems to work, but it’s very long and complicated to use like this. So I add a thumb to the enhancement request to add a midi channel choice in the input parameter of the HOST module.

Nevertheless, the Host pluggins are great !