VCV Host vs. Felt Instruments: in-the-box modulation of all available vst parameters

Hi, is there a way to modulate all vst parameters in a vst instrument loaded in VCV Host?

For instance: Felt Instruments shows a lot more vst parameters in other DAW’s (Ableton, Logic…) for in-the-box modulation/automation. I know I can use an external midi controller, but in certain cases it would be useful to have cv control over all vst parameters. Is tis due to how the Host module is configured at the moment? Any info appreciated!

Here’s a screenshot from Lekko in Logic and VCV.

Left click on an empty “slot” in Host, move your parameter in your vst and both will be linked.

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every square of the grid under the vst name correspond to one of the cv imputs , click on one of those to learn “LRN” an move one control of your vst

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Thanks: I know, but doesn’t seem to work with the Felt Instruments.


if the CV is not working . a option could be (if you can map midi in your vst ) use the CV-CC module

Thanks for the tip: gonna try some things when I get back home.

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