VCV Host updates

(Andrew Belt) #1

VCV Host updated to 0.6.3 with the following changelog.

  • Fall back to storing parameter values when the plugin doesn’t support effGetChunk.
  • Save and restore the VST program number
  • Loading and unloading VST plugins no longer blocks the Rack engine, avoiding pops and stutters
VCV Host-FX: unsaved parameters
(Andrew Belt) #2

Updated Host with changelog at

(Latif) #3

just tested host-fx with a vocoder plug-in, works great now!

hopefully in some other update we can get assignable note values to the input matrix of host.

(Rémi Collin) #4

Really useful update. Thanks!

I noticed something a few days ago while attempting to sync vst instruments with rack sequencers, is that Host added latency seems to be twice the block size, meaning that if I set the block size to let’s say 256 samples, I need add a a 512 samples delay to VCV sequencers. Is that correct ?

(Richie Hindle) #5

Yes, that’s correct. It’s the price we pay for running the VST on a different core from Rack itself.

(MaZe6k) #6

This is really nice!
Is it possible that there will be an automatic compensation for the latency in the future?

@23volts how do you add a delay in samples? I only know about BaconMusic sample delay and have tried it to change the sound of feedback loops - but it only goes to 100 samples (which might be enough for me, but I’m still curious if there is another way)

(Andrew Belt) #7

I’m not sure how automatic latency compensation could work.

(MaZe6k) #8

I’m not a programmer so I can only make assumptions… but if the VSTs are on a separate thread, maybe the other threads could be delayed automatically? But of course this would not work for effects, only for VSTi… I don’t know… but it would be nice, eh? :slight_smile: Maybe some open source DAW developers might know something… but in a modular… possibly not probable i guess…

(Rémi Collin) #9

I use several sample delay in serial if I want sample accurate compensation or just calculate the delay in ms and use AS signal delay.

(MaZe6k) #10

Maybe a small compensation plugin would be cool… just a few ins and outs and being able to delay them all, choosing the delays accordig to block sizes in a right-click menu.
Or a feature of delaying individual channels in a mixer, maybe a good feature for VCV Console.