VCV Host, Scalar .... Pitch bend issue!

Why the pitch-bend work like “step values” when i use Scalar by VCV also with VCV Host module When I move the pitch-bend the VST receive the pitch information as a midi note offset! not as a Pitch bend message… so i hear a notes steps … This is not the right way how the PitchBend works

I bought Scalar + Host module today and I don’t know if this is a problem and it has solutions

If there are no solutions, Can I refund them?

Could you show a screenshot of your patch ?, if you use the pitch bend before the scaler it will not work correctly because the scaler will adjust the notes to the selected scale.


Host CV in is quantized. To use pitch bend right click an automation parameter slot, select pitchwheel and plug a cable carrying pitchwheel modulation into the corresponding Host socket.


Thank you Yager Here’s a simple example…

What can I do?

Thank you contemporaryinsanity I Just turned off the pitch-bend in Midi>CV module and did your steps and it works like a charm :100:

Use the PW from the midi>CV to FM of the VCO and adjust to taste.

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Thank you Yeager :heart: I did it now and it worked fine, but this would be confusing when using module that do not have FM So I found that the best solution is to mix the value coming out of SCALAR with the PW value in the mixer to send it to any V/oct

Sorry, I’m not a professional “Play from time to time with vcv” :slight_smile: , Is what I have done the best thing or are there easier ways?

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Well done, and you can also put the output of Scalar through a sample and hold so it won’t be added to the pitchwheel, like this :

EDIT the gate needs to be delayed (in this case with a sum) before it goes to the S&H.

I don’t have Scalar.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you very much Yeager Now I am confused to choose the best answer because the answer of both of you is what I was looking for :+1:

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The nice thing about modular is, you have a lot of choices. :smiley:

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Yes exactly :heart_eyes:

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