VCV Host: Randomise options for VSTis

hey all,

is there a way to randomise parameters of a vsti synth in the host module?

if not, does anyone know of a vsti parameter randomiser ?

thank you

In FL studio, you can Randomize a Vst with a simple click. I wonder if it’s possible to openthe Fl studio Wrapper, in Vst Host and then a Vst in the Wrapper… I’m not sure the Wrapper works outside of FL :sweat_smile:
At least, this proves you that it’s possible :wink:
Try to google for a Vst randomizer, there is a big chance you can find one :slight_smile:

really! good old fruity loops, i didn’t know that. i will give FL a try out. Thanks olival.

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There is a FL Studio VSTi and it does run in VCV Host. I did it once to confirm but haven’t had the need to do it.

More info:

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