VCV Host: Rack v2 plugin

Hi, How will the VCV host module work within the Rack v2 plugin?

Yes, it should work, although I haven’t tested it yet.

Thank you for the reply and thank you for your work.

I thought there was a chance that the VST Host plugin might not be necessary if we purchase the version 2 VCV Rack VST. Is that the case or will we still need the Host plugin if we want to use VST plugins within VCV Rack?

If you don’t exactly understand what Rack for DAWs, VCV Host, VCV Rack v2, etc are, just wait. We’ll be marketing these quite a bit when they are announced.

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I’d imaging having Host in Rack would cut down on all the potential routing to and from Rack in a DAW.

Yay! sounds good. I was mainly wondering cause i could use the Host module now but don’t want to buy it just to find that I didn’t need it in the new version.

Yeh, good point!

Will Malekko debut when your plugin releases?

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