VCV Host: Plogue Chipcrusher?

is anyone using VCV Host with Plogue Chipcrusher? figured i’d check with the community for any issues between the 2 first since Host is kind of an expensive purchase and im mainly just interested in using it with chipcrusher for now. im on mac and dont have alot of Host compatible vst’s but i’d get it just for chipcrusher.

My experience has been that Host is very reliable. I’ve used it with all manner of VST: instruments, drum machines, FX etc. Personally I think it’s the most no-brainer of the VCV plugins given how much functionality it adds, so if I were you (or just about anyone else for that matter) I’d get it.

One note I should say though, is that I’m using Host with Windows. No idea how it holds up on Mac but I’d assume it’s pretty good.

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thanks for the reply. i went ahead and purchased it.