VCV Host - More Audio!

I mustn’t be the only user out there that wants more audio OUT from Host.

In my particular case it’s because of Overbridge, which lets me connect my Elektron Digitakt (and most other Elektron gear) and exposes the individual tracks. There’s just not enough out ports to get all the tracks out, even on the Host-XL.

Is anyone else hitting the same limit?

(I have also emailed the VCV folks as the instructions here say: VCV Manual - Bugs and Features )

More audio ins and outs were fine. IMHO the existing IO-ports could be made polyphonic. Another solution could be by an expander.

Same here, Overbridge-User with the Digitone. 16 I/O on host would be nice.

This module any help?

Not quite as it all comes through the VST and not as an audio device. I will experiment though! Thanks for the find!

Edit: I was wrong, it does both, however the issue with using the Audio-64 is I can’t then get audio out to another device. As I understand it Rack has issues when trying to use multiple audio devices, using the VST kinda gets around that problem.

Would it work if you connected your main speakers to your Digitakt instead of your main audio interface? This way you’d send audio out to your Digitakt in Audio-64, as your primary stereo output.

I’m not familiar with any Electron gear, so I don’t know if it works that way, but this is the setup that I most often use with my Motif XS — the Motif becomes the primary audio interface for output as well as input.

Yes, that would work, but is not the use-case. Overbridge is a really nice piece of VST-Software, which omits the driver-conflicts on Windows. I do not want to use my Elektron as an audio interface, since my main interface has 8 I/O and effects and is my monitor controller and recording interface.

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I also agree, using Sonic Charge Microtonic. It would be nice to get the 8 stereo outputs from it with VST host.