VCV Host MIDI output expanders

VCV Host now includes 3 new MIDI output expander modules. Use your favorite VST sequencers, pitch detectors, and other audio-to-MIDI plugins with Host. Convert MIDI notes and CC to control voltage in Rack.

$30. Free updates forever.


Excellent, thanks, very needed :+1:t3:

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Thank you so much, Andrew, I have been desperately waiting for these addons since I bought VCV Host back in the day :wink:

Very nice addition!

Awesome upgrade. Thank you Andrew!

thanks for this. I noticed the update until now

Just tried hooking these up for the first time, loaded Stochas plugin in HOST-FX, stuck a HOST-CV expander to the right of it, V/OCT and GATE out into a sound source, set up a quick sequence in Stochas and works exactly as expected. Nice work!

I tried the CV expander with the Sonic Charge Microtonic and it doesn’t seem to work in VCV. I already checked i my DAW that this plug-in is sending midi notes and in this use case there’s no issue.

Have you tried it with the Host Gate expander?

I can confirm this. Latest Version of Microtonic. Win 10. No Chance to get it to work. Midi Out worked in Bitwig and Cubase. Geist2 btw works flawlessly with the new expanders, also the HY-Plugins Sequencers.

Please email with the following information: your Rack version, operating system/version, VST plugin/version, and a description or screenshot of the faulty behavior. We will look into a fix in a future version of VCV Host.


I love this module, very useful. I just wish there was the same idea in reverse : say for example GATE-HOST. That way, if I want to use a drum machine plugin, I don’t have to right click and select each possible note. Is something like this conceivable? May the peace of Allah be upon you :pray: :pray: :pray: