VCV Host: Inputting arbitrary MIDI CCs


I would like to input arbitrary MIDI CC events into a VST running within the HOST module. It seems there is a way to receive arbitrary MIDI CC events from a HOST-ed plugin (with HOST-CC), but for inputting I can only find an option to input the Mod wheel and the sustain pedal. Really?? Unfortunately, I cannot use VST automation controls/parameters instead, and using CC is really such a wide-spread standard I cannot quite believe this is not supported and that I must be missing something.

This topic has been discussed before (see links below), but without a solution as far as I can see.

Thanks for any help!

For completeness, some background on why I cannot use VST parameters instead: I happen to host Blue Cat’s PatchWork here, which in turn hosts multiple other plugins running in parallel. With a single MIDI CC I could control certain settings in multiple of the nested plugins at the same time, something I cannot do with a VST parameter.

I think I found a workaround by generating the required MIDI CC events within the HOST-ed PatchWork with a preprocessing plugin, MCCGenerator in this case. I can then use VST parameters to control certain MCCGenerator parameters, which in turn output the required CC events controlling other plugins.