VCV Host + Atlas, how to open a patch with the sequencer stopped?

I m using Atlas in the VCV host, and it run flawlessly, the problem occur every time I open the (or load and reload the file) , the drum sequencer is allays tuned on, the patch is very simple, I m feeding the host with the clock (24ppqn) and a start and stop trigger , there is not difference if I disconnect any or all of the cables , the desired behavior must be , start on the sequence when the start button or manually hit play in the atlas UI.

I used atlas on renoise and reaper and seems work correctly

I m not sure if I m doing something wrong or I should write to the VCV support to request check this behavior

Do someone have success with other sequencers in the host?

is this issue related to the host or the atlas?

here a picture of the patch

I would try to insert a mute button between the midi clock output and the VST input

there’s plenty, the Bogaudio is CV controlable

even if I disconnect the clock, the sequencer start in the load, I can bet is a malfunctioning , but not sure if is the host or atlas, almost sure is the host (because it work correctly on renoise and reaper) I m writing here to get a confirmation before make a request to people of the vcv support

perhaps I m missing some setup like , right mouse button menu " do not start on load" (I have to check that :grin: )

I m actually saving the muted channel in the mixer, but I would like to have the solution in the host or atlas (or my setup if I m doing something wrong)