VCV Host + An Amazing FX

So I just bought the VCV Host plugin and the first thing I did… I applied the Freakshow Industries VST plugins! They are free and they are amazing!

Well, a little bit twisty and nasty I have to say so maybe not for everyone but since they are free I guess it worth to give them a try! —>

On the bad side, I’ve discovered that most of my beloved 8bit VST plugins do not work. $hi7!!! I’m badly pissed off because they are mostly C64, NES and other 8bit machines music emulators. :weary:

“File must be a 64-bit VST2.x plugin”. Meh. I have to dig again in the free VST database.

Have a good sunday y’all!

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Thanks Andrea for sharing it. It looks awesome. Yea I have the same problems with sort of my oldest VST plugins collections. So I wish you happy diging.

And I share it for happy dig:

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For what it’s worth, under linux I have used falktx’s precompiled Carla application to use most of my VST2/LV2/LADSPA collection. I route audio in/out via the VCV Rack’s Audio module.
Not too sure about 8 bit VSTs but maybe worth a test for you.

if you’re on windows, then jbridge should work (not free tho) to get your 32-bits plugins to work


To be accurate, they’ll give them to you, but they’d prefer you pay. They have bills to pay, too.

Man, I am really ROTFLing watching the video! :smiley: Thanks 1000 times!

As per the x32 plugins, I am searching around and despite some of them I have been using are not updated, most of them are so I think I will be fine with them.

Also, I have noticed that a lot have to be installed in the x64 format only to work properly or the VCV Host won’t recognize them at all.

That is to say: I have installed both the 32 and the 64 bit version in a directory for another software I use but when I point VCV to that directory it gives me an error message.
BUT… If I install the same plugin only the 64 bit version in a dedicated directory, everything works smooth and by the numbers.

And that suffice for me! It’s only a little bit annoying because of redundancy but all in all we are talking of few megabytes so… :wink: