VCV Gate2MIDI in Velocity mode

Hello community!

On one hand, I have Entrian Drummer with some velocities on each percussion. On the outpout, I have of course Tigger and Gate for each track. I would like to output these informations in the VCV Gate 2 MIDI, with the “velocity mode” ON.

But, I can’t do it… Could you help? Many thanks. Alain

Entrian has a velocity output for each track, too.

Have you tried CV to MIDI?

try VCA’s on the outputs for sending gates(triggers) in velocity mode.

The velocity is the signal - and the trigger opens the vca.
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I know. And that was my question about how to create a sort of mixture between Vel and Trigger… Thank you anyway. Alain

I tried this one in polyphonic, entering polyphonic MIDI triggers, and on the other side splitting different triggers after MIDI 2 CV. But I had the following problem: With the 4 different MIDI modes of this module, for example the Rotate one, the snare becomes the kick, and so on :smile:. I’m not very comfortable with these modes. Alain

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Oups. :face_with_peeking_eye:. Of course. I need a rest :joy:. Thank you for this and precise response once again :pray:. Alain


Is there some drum modules with take into account these Gate and velocity signal on there input?