VCV Fundamental - UNITY

I can’t seem to find this module anymore. I want it specifically for it’s ability to take an average from multiple signals. Has it been removed and if so is there anything else that offers this functionality?

Here is the info from Andrew about this:


Maybe use Mean instead:

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A 3HP unity mixer, usable with audio or CV (e.g. to combine triggers). Up to 8 inputs are summed to the output. The output is limited to +/-12V (with clipping modes as below).

The context (right-click) menu has a few options:

    "Input gain" allows the input gain to be reduced up to -12dB.
    "Output clipping" sets the manner of output clipping: "Soft" applies saturation or soft clipping, which is better for audio, and which is the default; "Hard" simply clips the output at +/-12V. "Hard" is better for CVs, as this mode will achieve precise summing of CVs; otherwise the saturator will slightly affect (reduce) the sums at all levels.
    "Average" causes the module to average, rather than sum, its inputs.

Polyphony: polyphonic, with polyphonic channels defined by the first/topmost input.

When bypassed: no output.
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There’s als MUMIX, the same as UMIX plus mute bottons for each input:


It was replaced with VCV::Mix. Right click and select “Average voltages”.


Thanks for the responses folks, you’ve all been helpful.

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