VCV Fundamental Octave: broken on

I’m running (Linux) and it seems that Fundamental Octave doesn’t work at all.
I’ll double check and (if appropriate) open a bug report as soon as possible; in the meantime it may be helpful if someone else checked this and left some additional feedback below.

Edit 1:
I see I now get the same behaviour on Rack-0.6.2. On the other hand I remember using this module without any issues in the past.
This seems to suggest it’s something in my setup rather than a software bug.

Octave isn’t an audio pitch shifter but a 1V/oct CV shifter.
Also, if this was a bug, don’t post here. See

So I’m just mistaken in my memory of having used Octave to affect the pitch of an audio signal? Has this ever worked in the past?

Yeah, of course I was mistaken. Sorry about the noise.

No. Such algorithms are far beyond the scope of a plugin called “Fundamental”.