VCV Fundamental Manual

@Vortico Do you need any help to complete the Fundamental modules documentation? If yes, how can I help you complete this section.

Sure, if you write VCV Octave we’ll see how you do.

I wrote this manual for VCV Octave, I get inspiration from your existing manuals to keep an overall consistency:

VCV Octave is a voltage controlled octave selector, allowing you to switch an incoming 1V/octave signal to positive or negative octaves, manually and under CV control.

The Octave Shift control and CV IN adjusts the quantized offset applied to the incoming 1V/octave signal, patched at IN.

  • The Octave Shift Selector allows you to manually offset octaves from -4 to +4, the center position has no effect as it equals 0 volts.
  • The Octave Shift CV IN applies an additional offset from the octave reference, set with the Octave Shift Selector. This input accepts unipolar and bipolar signals.

IN is used to connect incoming 1V/octave signals. Without any signal patched at IN, the module act as a +/- 4 volts offset generator (and more if the Octave Shift CV IN is used).

OCT is the module main output.

Patch Ideas

  • Patch a 1V/octave signal at IN and OCT to VCO-1 V/OCT input. Use the Octave Shift Selector as a performance control, to transpose the VCO-1 fundamental pitch on the fly.
  • Patch LFO-2 OUT to the Octave Shift CV IN for arpeggio like sequences.
  • Connect audio rate signals to the Octave Shift CV Input and experiment.

I can adapt if needed, adding more technicals information, and screenshots if needed.
Let me know if it’s good for you.



A lot of the terminology is a bit awkward and not accurate.

octave selector

It doesn’t select octaves, it shifts them.


This is a weird term. You could say “shift a 1V/octave signal”.

to positive or negative octaves

There’s no such thing as positive or negative octaves. You mean “by positive or negative octave offsets” or something. But it’s pointless to go here because people will assume they can shift up and down.



OCT is the module main output.

“module’s”. Also, this is an unnecessary sentence. The user can see that this is an output. Descriptions of outputs should specify what they do. “The OCT output is the shifted 1V/oct signal.”

Patch Ideas

I’m not sure if we need this.

Unfortunately it seems that it will take too long for me to proof these, so I can’t accept this volunteer work, sorry.

Ok, i understand. Thanks for the feedback !

I understand what you’re saying Andrew, and I have the perfectionist gene too, but…

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

There’s no such thing as perfect documentation, just saying it will take me more time to write the manual myself than to proof @psantoni’s text.