VCV Folder Issue

Hey all, so up until the most recent Rack update, the default location for the Rack2 folder on my m1 macbook pro has always been under Documents. but I noticed it was gone from documents the other day and after searching FOREVER, it seems to have moved its default location to the most unlikely and hard to reach places. To find it I had to show hiddden folders and find it under Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support. Obviously annoying since all my recordings and patches get saved in the Rack2 folder by default (which btw can u change that?? cuz i have an organizational system and Id rather recordings and patches be saved elsewhere)

in the meantime i just realized i can create an alias folder and put it in my documents folder which makes things alright again lol, just weird for the folder to move to such a comically unaccessible location

You can move the Rack2 folder and replace it with a symbolic link.

See here how to make a symbolic link:

I want to add, that I have NOT tried this with the newest version, I am still on 2.4, but have been doing this for ages with many programs, including Acustica Audio plugins and VCV2. I am on M1 Macbook too.

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Starting with v2.5, I started taking advantage of the RACK_USER_DIR environment variable mentioned at the bottom of VCV Rack Installation instructions.for this issue.

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imao it is totally normal and proper for any app, including VCV, to put “stuff” in a place like that. All apps do, I think. It would be terrible to put “stuff” in “my documents”. Which is what Rack used to do.

Now it would be quite nice it patches and such were saved in “my documents”. That is quite normal and proper. It’s just other stuff (like plugins, settings) that should not be saved there.

Rack does seem to remember your last file location, so one you save in your place of choice it seems to be remembered, although I agree that “my documents” would be a reasonable default for this.

btw, the locations are documented, so if you forget where stuff is you can ask the internet - that’s what I do.