.vcv file structure: help with one line

I was taking a look at the new structure for .vcv files in v1.0. It looks like the structure is:

  1. Rack Version: just one line
  2. Module Section: all the modules in the patch
  3. Cable Section: all the cables in the patch (did they used to be called wires?)

All makes sense, except right between the module section and the cable section is a single line that I can’t figure out. It’s “id”: ###, , where ### is some number.

I tried changing the number and did not notice any change to the patch function. I tried removing the line and again there was no noticeable change in the patch. If I re-save the patch, Rack puts the line back in, but with a new number.

I was just curious if there is some function for this line. I’m probably missing something obvious here. Thanks!

Oops, that was a mistake. You can ignore it. It was supposed to be the ID of each cable but was being set on the root patch object. Since cable IDs currently serve no purpose, it went unnoticed.
Fixed in e0094d0 of Rack.

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