VCV Drums demo

A quick demo of the new VCV Drums Modules. I tuned the drums to the sounds I wanted as a group & there’s no EQ on the drums. There’s drastic EQ on the delay return, giving that swerving filter cutoff sound.

2021-09-14.vcv (763.8 KB)


A second VCV Drum demo but this time it uses S&H modules to try and explore the parameter space of each device. You’ll need VCV Drums and VCV Pulse Matrix to try out the patch.

The sounds go through my customary mixer setup - Mindmeld Mixmaster, Rackwindows Console, & Squinky Compressor2, so the sound is a little compressed & has a bit of whatever mojo Console adds. EQ is flat.

VCVDrumDemo2.vcv (145.8 KB)


This one is based on VCV Drum Demo2 above but lord didn’t I push it up against one of my wonky glitch delays. The beat sails in a choppy sea of its own echoes.

Even more LOL I think at about the 7 minute mark I thought I pushed stop on the recorder, but apparently I kept tweaking and modifying drum patterns for 14 more minutes. So it’s 21 minutes of drum patterns + FX.