VCV Doesn't work using remote desktop?

(Rocker) #1

Hi Masters,

I tried use VCV in an individual PC, and remote it with “microsoft remote desktop” from my MAC BOOK PRO.

In this situation, i can not adjust parameters in VCV. meaning the mouse can not work correctly.

Any suggestion here?


(Paul Piko) #2

Might mostly work if you change the value of “allowCursorLock” in settings.json.

(Rocker) #3

Hi Bro,
Where can i find the file “settings.json” ?

Thank you so much for that :slight_smile:

(Skrylar) #4

I used to have this problem with other OpenGL apps. Remote Desktop doesn’t transmit mouse events in the same or a similar way as mice, so the application gets confused as to what’s going on and behaves incorrectly. As far as I know there is no fix and application’s don’t know its happening. (I didn’t crossbar this with DirectX apps to see if its sabotage or just a genuine discontinuity.)

(Paul Piko) #5

It’s in the Rack folder. On Windows that’s like c:\users\paul\documents\rack

(Rocker) #6

Hi PaulPiko,

It’s done!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much :slight_smile:

Also thanks to this thread :

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #7

Another suggestion here… Possibly more secure? Teamviewer.