VCV CV Mix and Fade

CV Mix and Fade are two new utility modules for VCV Rack. CV Mix can add, attenuvert, and offset multiple CV signals into a single output, and Fade can combine two signals (audio or CV) into two opposite crossfaded outputs. Try them free today by updating your VCV Rack modules.


I like the new modules, especially the CV MIX.

Regarding the CV MIX module:

The normaled 10V only applies to the first input, which makes sense, otherwise any patched input to the top input would be normaled to the lower inputs as well.

But the vertical lines imply to me the normaled 10V carries forward to all the inputs. It might be less confusing if the vertical lines were removed.


Well that was fast - my prior comment was for version 2.2.0, and within minutes version 2.2.1 was posted. Now each input has its own 10V normaled source that is used if nothing is patched to that particular input. But anything you patch into input one is not normaled to input two - input two still gets its own 10V normaled value. I think that design gives the most functionality possible.

Note this is different from how 8VERT works, where each input is normaled to the input below. However 8VERT has little arrows above each input to indicate the cascade.

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I like the double out on fade! Nice design!

These are great! Iā€™m having tons of fun with Fade. Thank you.