VCV CV-Gate: changing notes

Hello! I am using the CV-Gate module to control a hardware drum module, and the midi note values are to trigger each voice are preassigned. Alas, when I try to change the note values in CV-Gate, I have challenges. With my (computer) keyboard, I do not have access to flat/sharp notes, and the mapping does not relate at all to the QWERTY MIDI example in the manual.

Has anyone got any idea what I may be doing wrong, or ab alternative to entering those note values?

Thank you for your time and consideration Keep safe and stay creative!

If you can get some cheapo usb-midi keyboard from somewhere it will be much better!

Uhm, i don’t really get the problem. English is not my native language, sometimes there may be a misunderstanding on my side so correct me if im wrong.

You can program CV-GATE module by your keyboard simply typing A, B, C, … G key, after it you can type # symbol (shift + 3 in my case) for sharp and choose octave by 0-9 key after all. If this is non-qwerty keyboard mapping issue, as far as i know, it will be fixed in v2. Perhaps a virtual midi keyboard will help?

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Rack’s Computer Keyboard MIDI driver is not related to VCV CV-Gate’s note field. Simply type the note names to set them, e.g. “C#3”.

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Ah yes, I see that now! Thanks!