VCV control voltages to Touchdesigner

Hey guys,

I did a research about, how to extract single control voltages from VCV Rack and bring them to Touchdesigner to map single Parameters there.

I couldn’t find a way if it´s possible, so is there anybody who knows something about a Module or anything like that?

I don´t want to use Midi transportation!

Would be nice to hear from someone who experiments already in the same case.

only midi (CV-CC module) AFAIK

trowaSoft cvOSCcv lets you have 8 channels (more with expanders) of OSC to and from any OSC compatible application. TouchDesigner included. Check this example setup

Edit: Here’s the manual page

  • multiWave X1 and Y1 outputs are drawing the circle
  • multiWave X2 is making that a breathing swirl
  • multiWave X3 is clocking the OSC output to 360 Hz
  • cvOSCcv has ch. 1 & 2 renamed to X & Y, namespace removed
  • PULSES output 1 will sync the 3 layers of multiScope to match the actual phase shift

Edit: Here is the demo patch