VCV Console: Feature Request - option for post fader for CH outs

Hi @Vortico ,
Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place for feature requests.
Love Console and have just been taught how to do multitracking into ableton via a tutorial by @VCVRackIdeas .
One snag for ease of workflow is not being able to send post fader CH so that I dont just send things into ableton too hot. Nysthi 8 mix will do post fader outs but I would prefer to use Console for a number of reasons.
Would you add a “CH out post/CH out pre” toggle option to the right click menu on console?

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I’ll add “Post-fader” to the list when I have time for an update. Would you want “Post-fader/mute/solo” instead?


YES! That would be even better!!! All sorts of possibilities with that! Thank you!

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