VCV CONCAT for 1.0+

HELLO RACKHEADZ!!! I am very happy to announce you that Thibault aka Nebular Noise has updated his magnificent VCV Concat! If you don’t know what it is, it is a little cool online software that allow to concatenate two patches to form one single patch!

you can find it here —>

Please, cheer him up for this gem! :star_struck: He really is a kind guy and he always answered to all my mail about his codepen about VCV Rack! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sure you will find this very useful!


this is a nice idea, but there are some problems,
when you have patches that contain the core audio module, you can’t merge them,
that will crash VCV.
But I find building patches without audio module not really helpfull,
so I would like to see a version, that merges the patches and gets rid of a double audio module,
that it doesn’t crash VCV.
untill then I will use Strip for my merging needs.

beside I find the site pretty hard to read/see, the black letters on the gray background, there is not much contrast,
sorry for not being that cheerfull,
I like the idea and would like to support it, but as it is now, I can’t use it.

Also, parameter mappings (with MIDI-MAP or one of my modules) in the second patch will get lost.
Just to be noted.

Guys, the things you underlined are all a treasure mine to improve the pen!
I have just wrote to Thibault inviting him here, I think it’s more useful to all of us rather than “brdge” him. :smile:

You can do it as well via his GitHub -->

any news on this?

I sent a mail to Thibault 4 days ago. I don’t have any answer from him so far. If any of you has contacted him by any other mean, I am not aware. I really hope so, tho.

It seems there is nothing happening

You are free to contact him as well! :wink: