VCV Coding Tutorial: Dummy for Dummies (ideas and suggestions?)

I am about 40% done (probably embellished and its actually 30) with my “VCV Coding: from Dummies for Dummies” tutorial. Its a bit odd & maybe dumb that a dude who definitely can’t code is the first to attempt an extensive introduction into coding. That it hasn’t been properly attempted before is also the sole reason for my endeavour. Anything (with serious intentions and a bit of concept) is better than nothing.

Since there is almost nothing, the tutorial tries to touch on anything that is within my knowledge and that I deem important. - Having never (successfully) read a C++ tutorial, the guide will supposedly pick people up in the middle of nowhere and enable them to understand and set up the necessary file structure, understand and read plugin code, create modules from scratch as well as understand, copy and amend third party code for their own purposes. set up custom components. compile their module collection using github. hopefully they will learn enough to expand their knowledge autonomously by studying code from existing modules.

during the course of the tutorial - so far - 11 different modules (or sections) will be created, each placed on a single panel. step by step and module/section by module/section a blank panel will be expanded and modified. after each add-on the module can be tested. using a single .cpp file which (ideally) must be modified by hand - even with copy+paste - a general understanding of what is what and what goes where, what can do how, what must come with and what needs what. explanations, remarks, repetitions and new additions come with each new module/section and give specific examples as well as general knowledge on coding for/with VCV.

So far so good. This is the table of contents: |1|Introduction| |2|Disclaimer| |3|Table of Contents| |4|Basics| |5|File Structure| |6|Code Structure| |7|C++ VCV Commands| |8|Compiling on github| |9|Inkscape: settings, notes| |10|components.hpp: creating custom compontents| |11|Expand on the Tutorial module - Introduction | ||Module 1: Mono Offset / Constant Voltage| ||Module 1 v2: Poly Offset / Constant Voltage| ||Module 2: Poly Math| ||Module 3: Poly to Mono OR| ||Module 4: Poly Comparator| ||Module 5: Mono vOct to Poly Detune| ||Module 6: Poly Random Output| ||Module 7: Mono to Poly ShiftRegister| ||Module 8: Poly to Mono Sequencer| ||Module 9: Poly Joiner| ||Module 10: 4 Step CV Sequencer| ||Module 10 v2: 4 Step CV + Trigger Sequencer| ||Module 11: VCV Viz style LED Grid| ||Module 12: Gated Noise & Trigger Generator| |12|Remixing a Module 1 (repurpose 3rd party code)| |13|Remixing a Module 2 (repurpose 3rd party code)| |14 |To-Do & Changelog| ||Snippets|

I am looking for ideas: what’s missing? what would be good to include? are there any up-to-date references I should be pointing to or incorporate? is there a comprehensive overview on whats new in Rack2? Which Format, Software, Platform would you recommend for setting up Tutorials? (Currently I build the shit in OneNote)

What I can’t do: DSP, JSON, Clock and Gate stuff, LFOs, operations involving time (samples) - I haven’t tried to learn any of it yet. Anybody here who wants to contribute on these topics maybe?

I’m grateful for anything helpful as well as specific requests. There must be a bunch of stuf I have missed.

Here’s a few screenshots giving an idea on how it looks so far. A complete preview will be available sometime this month I hope.


that sounds pretty cool. I have some stuff that is similar, but totally different. If any of it is useful…

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this is wonderful, I have a bit of python background and since I started to use the rack I was bitten by the C ++ worm, but it was a bit difficult for me to visualize the path towards DSP development, that seems to be the right way

thank you

Cool, more info is great.

There is also this

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Awesome! Is setting up the whole build environment on windows part of it? That was always the part which kept me from even trying… In comparison to downloading the Arduino-IDE and start coding within 3 minutes setting up everything for VCV sounded always like rocket science.

molto BRAVO !! :clap: :clap:

great idea, I wish I could support you,
but I know nothing about coding and whatever
might be helpfull.

I wish you lots of energy and faith and endurance to master such a project.

Nah, in this first tutorial I only explain how to build with github. I’m thinking along the lines: a: I could describe it for windows but not for mac or linux b: I wanted to make a tutorial that requires no extra software, no complex set-up where people get stuck directly at the beginning c: the tutorial will get big already as is. building with github isn’t ideal for prototyping/testing, but it is easy and automated.

setting up your repository for compilation should take about 5 minutes once. then compilation should be automated whenever you change the “version” in your plugin.json … or maybe even when any file changes? (need to check that out)

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oh man! I totally forgot about that. I always wanted to buy it… but the price is a bit too steep for an impulse buy.

But now that you mention it… once the tutorial and beta release of my humble module collection is done - and if I still feel like doing more… I’ll invest it.

This will bring you to the corner one block away from the DSP Police HQ. Belonging to the YMCA, I can’t go any further in without starting a BBoy War 16 vs 16 then for several hours there is a lot of dancing involved.

If you manage to sneak in and steal all their secrets, sharing is daring.


Hey @JohannAsbjoernson - how’s this coming along? Can’t wait to read it!

I would also really like to see this!

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Life got in the way. But I was close to finishing when I dropped it. I will certainly pick it up again soon to at least get a draft out. 90% of what you see in the picture is done - but there’s probably a ton of imprecisions lurking about in there… those always take more work to stamp out than writing the actual thing. Haven’t had any room to touch VCV in months - until today. So chances are pretty high that I’ll find time and energy for this in the coming weeks.

As soon as I can deem it helpful I’ll put it online in a way that people can edit it or add articles. Sorry for dragging my feet :smiley: I was pretty confident I’d finish right away… gotta get back into that mindset.