VCV Chords released

Introducing VCV Chords, a quad-note chord sequencer. Expand a single 1V/oct pitch into a chord of up to 4 notes. Program your own chords and sequence them with triggers or direct CV addressing.


Very clever designed, I’m already loving it.

Polyphonic version planned?

There is a polyphonic option according to the manual?


Reminds me of the Elektrofon Klang:-


Looks pretty neat. Might be cool if there was an expander module that allowed you to quantize sequences to the notes in the current chord. I’m thinking of a situation where I have some cool patterns via sequencers and want to lock them to the notes in the current chord and use VCV Chords to drive the progression/notes for everything.

it is polyphonic, you can have up to 4 voices polyphony

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This is great. The addition of polyphony really created the need for a decent chord specific sequencer. Really happy to have purchased this.

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It is polyphonic, there’s a context menu item “Polyphonic Outputs Include chanel 1-N”. Hook up port 4, it will have all 4 pitches polyphonically. If you hook up port 2 and 4, the polyphonic output of port 2 is voltages1 & 2, and port 4 is voices 1,2, 3 & 4. I think.

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Love it Andrew! Pumped for my next Rack session.


Very nice, bought it. :slight_smile:

At first glance, 10 chord slots don’t seem enough: many songs need more than that.

However, the ability to move the root of each chord means that those can be seen not as the final chords, but rather as chord types.

So if I need an Am and an Em, I may use the same Cm preset and change the root to A and E respectively.

(Still, having a bit more presets, say 20, would sometimes be useful.)

Used that way, the RESET and ADV sockets may be repurposed for a fifth and a sixth note. Just saying. :wink:

It’s a lovely module Andrew! Happy to support the continued development of VCV Rack. Here’s a little taster from my first play with it:


Two videos of VCV Chords demonstrating chord sequencing and arrangement.


Is there a Github Issues for this plugin?

Email for bug reports with commercial VCV plugins.

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VCV Chords v1.1.0 is released, allowing an unlimited number of chords in a sequence. Includes a factory preset with most available 4-note chords.


Boom: game-changer update @vortico - was just using a convoluted way to achieve this just today, love the update!

That’s awesome Andrew, thank you!

VCV Chords v1.2.0 is released, adding alternative sequencer directions for more creatively sequencing your chord progressions.


Thanks :slight_smile: