VCV Chords : how to make arpeggios


Before buying VCV Chords, can someone explain how to make arpeggios ?

i have thought about using gate/trigger sequencer (like countmodula) with each gate to one VCO, each VCO receiving one output of chords

can it work like this ?


You can plug each output of VCV Chords into VCV Sequential Switch 2. Patch a clock into the clock input of the switch, and the output will be the arpeggiated pitch.

I don’t know any polyphonic sequential switches, but if they exist, you could take advantage of Polyphonic Mode in VCV Chords.


I just used chords into Animated Harmonics Arp3.1 in my latest composition.

I put the chord notes into a poly cable to send to the Arp. Arp does poly. I also use those same notes into a Seq switch for my arp’ed bass line.


Thanks for your answers ! Seems easier than the solution I considered :sunglasses:


also can you share the patch ?

Clement, I’ve shared a snippet here:

You can use this to get you started.

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Thx man